Hello :)I'm Andrew

UX/UI Designer and Front End Dev

some of my work

UX/UI Designer, Graphic Designer..., sometimes as a Front End Developer

  • Full name: Andrzej Dąbrowski
  • Currently working as UI Developer at Kinaole in Wroclaw, Poland.

my tools

  • figma adobe photoshopadobe xd

    figma,adobe photoshop,adobe xd my Web Design and UX/UI Design tools

  • html5 css3javascript (dinosaur jquery)

    html5,css3,javascript (dinosaur jquery) for Front-End Dev

  • wordpress

    wordpress favourite Content Management System

  • illustrator

    illustrator helps me in CI design

  • windows,windows server,macOS

    windows,windows server,macOS my everyday work enviorments


Feel free to contact me with any business proporsal or just to say hello :)

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